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Good Manners and it’s Importance

Man has been granted intellect and intelligence, this intelligence distinguishes a human from an animal. Today man is living in the most modern scientific world.
Allah Swt has granted man the power to speak, to communicate-other creations do communicate but the eloquence man has been blessed with to describe his feelings and his ideas-other creations do not have it.
Allah Swt has blessed man with countless blessings and created him with His own hands. Allah Swt sent His beloved Prophets to guide humans-this is a very strong proof of the fact that how much He loves His Creation.
Allah Swt blessed human beings with a heart which is the centre of all emotions and feelings.
Years back a scientist predicted that in the future man will create a robot who will excel in each and every way as compared to a man. Then the creator of the robot will pray to God-that I have created a robot which is better than your created human beings. God will then put a fault in one of the robots. The robot will fail to function, while other robots around him will continue to function unaffected. Then God will show the creator(of the robot) a group of humans-one of them will have a stomachache and other people around him will start caring for him in different ways. Only one person will be in pain while the other person will be crying for him. Then God will ask the creator-does your robot has this sensitive heart? He will reply no. Then God will say that this is the quality of my creation that they have a sensitive, caring heart. Therefore the greatness of a man lies in the fact that he has a sensitive, caring heart-and a man without such heart, he is no different from an animal.
The beauty of Islamic Shariat –in Quran Allah Swt has described two basic principles of brotherhood and humanity. Allah Swt has commanded in the Quran that while communicating with others –
“Turn not thy cheek in scorn toward folk”
because one’s facial expressions gives other the ideas what type of a person you are. If one has a good way of communicating-it creates ease for others to take a step ahead in communicating with you. One should communicate with a smiling face. In this ayat Allah Swt does not limit such attitude to only muslims-but to humans (any and everyone), no matter whoever they are, at the end of the day Allah Ka banda tou hai.

“Talk with all human beings in a good way”–
the second principle of our religion which teaches us that while talking to others we should use such words which are not harsh and rough, rather we should have gentleness in our speech towards others.

These two principles are such which open up the beauty of our religion.
The Prophet Saw said
“Save other s from your Shar”.

According to Islamic shariah-while sitting in a gathering, one feels a temptation to make fun of the other person, to humiliate him, but if that person stops himself from this-controls his bad desire, then he will be given the reward equal to sadqa.

“Among men, the most beloved to Allah Swt is one who benefits other people”-Hadees.
This is a litmus test for us, that if we want to check who is most beloved to Allah Swt, we can check it through seeing how much benefit others get from his company.

“White is not superior than the black, an arab is not superior than a non arab”-Prophet Saw said at Hajjatul wida.
Today after 1400 years the progressive nations say no discrimination of race and color, whereas we were given this message 1400 years ago.

Example of our elders
Abu Zarr Ra had a black slave who once committed a mistake-Abu Zarr Ra in anger called him “O You Son of a black woman”. The Prophet SAW when got to know about this, he said to Abu Zarr Ra “O abu zarr! Tu aisa banda hai kay abhi bhi teray andar jahiliyat ki baatein maujood hain, yeh jo tumhare khadim hai yeh tou tumhare bhai hai, Allah ney unko tumhare ma tehat banadiya hai, jis bandey ka bhai uska matehat ho usko chahiye usko who khilaye jo khud khaye or jo khud pehnay unko pehnaye, un par kaam ka itna bouj na dalo, aur agr dalo bhi tou kaam mai unki madad karo.” When Abu Zarr heard this then he went to his slave and lied down on the floor in front of him and said “Until you put your feet on my cheek I won’t get up from the floor”. When the slave did it, then he got up and as they say Nabi (AS) key sahabi hone ka haqq adaa kardia.
Prophet Saw said-
“Don’t look for bad qualities in others, don’t do tajasus (spy) on others, don’t have bughaz(hatred)for others, don’t turn your backs from others, and live as brothers.” This is a message for all of us.

Our shariat commands us to maintain our relations with our blood relatives and has taught us to fulfill the rights of each others.
Mother-heaven is under the feet of your mothers.
A person who has been given such teachings-we can only imagine how much he will love and respect his mother. In addition to this, like Allah Swt Accepts the duas of His Aaulia(beloved people), similarly He Accepts the dua of the mothers even if they are bay-amal.
Therefore a pious man’s mother passed away so Allah swt told that man-Aye meray bandey! Zara sambhal kay rehna, jis hasti ki duain teri hifazat karti thi who iss duniya sey chali gai hai.
Hadees– baap ki khushi mai Allah Swt ki khushi hai, jis nay apney baap ko raazi karlia uss ney apney Rabb ko razi karlia.
Love for the kids-
Hadees- when a father kisses the child with love, the smell that he feels while kissing the child is among the smell of jannat.
About daughters-to whoever Allah Swt grants a daughter and he loves her and does not prefer his son over his daughter, and fulfills the obligations of his daughter, Allah Swt will bless him with jannat as a reward.
The brother has to bear the burden of his sister and the sister has to support and love her brother. Once a king captured the son, husband and brother of a woman due to some reason. The woman went to the king crying and pleaded the king to release her relatives. The king gave an option that you choose one of the men and I will free him. The king thought that she would choose her husband, and if not the husband then her son, but the woman glanced at the three of them and chose her brother. The king was very surprised and demanded an explanation for this decision, the woman explained “If my husband would be separated from me, Allah would create ways and means for my second marriage, if I would be separated from my son, I would have another son from my second marriage, but my parents have parted from this world and now I can not have another brother in this world.” The king was so pleased by her reply that he released them all.
These are the only few examples of how should we be careful in fulfilling our relationships and rights that others have on us. it comes in a hadees

“jo shaks doosron se rishtay jorta hai, Allah apna rishta uss sey jorta hai.”

(these are few highlights of Shaykh Zulfiqar AHmed Db’s lecture, it will be continued soon..)

Therefore from these above mentioned points we should try our best to please our Creator by not displeasing His Creation. And we should realize that the recent cool gossip trend that is prevailing nowadays, it will only make us look like a fool when others would be actually taking our naikiyan on the day of kiyamat as a compensation for the harm we cause them. Therefore it’s better to leave this habit and find better entertainments.

May Allah Swt enable all of us to live a life which please Him and may He accept us as His obedient slaves.


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