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 A character-building based school that aims for the best for both worlds for your children


Pre School to grade 9

We provide a caring and disciplined environment ensuring that your child develops into an exemplary member of society.

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Unlock The Power Of Quranic Hifz

Enhance Memory and Cognitive Abilities: Memorizing the Quran can enhance memory and cognitive abilities, providing a cognitive workout for the brain and strengthening memory functions. This mental exercise helps improve the child’s ability to retain and recall information, lengthening the age of the brain’s memory cells.

Improve Concentration and Focus: The process of memorizing the Quran requires sustained attention and focus, contributing to improved attention span and heightened focus, which extend beyond the memorization process into various aspects of life.

Discipline in Learning and Routine: Memorizing the Quran requires consistent effort and adherence to a learning routine, fostering good study habits, organizational skills, and time management. Acquiring the skill of discipline is considered one of the benefits of memorizing the Quran, positively impacting memory and concentration capabilities.

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A Character Building Program, inspired by Prophetic Guidance, comprising 30 values is imparted to children through motivating and interactive sessions for their ethical and moral grooming.

A unique Islamic School that focuses on building character and instilling values in the students for principled decision making.

Who we are


State of the Art Education

Quality education, alongside state of the art facilities, to nurture your child’s skills and personality.

Value Based Education

Our value based education system with a special focus on developing a strong character that will enable your child to become an exceptional role model and citizen of the world.

Daily Sports

A dynamic environment offering regular sports and co curricular activities to promote your child’s physical and cognitive well-being, whilst developing teamwork and resilience.

Modern Standard Curriculum

Oxford curriculum, designed as per international standards, will encourage your child’s creativity and establish a strong conceptual base.

The Shajar Environment

Shajar Environment (can use this as heading instead of loving and caring environment)

A supportive and engaging environment will foster your child’s spirity of empathy, respect and collaboration.

Preschool with Daily Learning

At our preschool, we believe that learning should be a joyful and engaging experience for young children. 

“The Best among you are those who have the Best MANNERS & CHARACTER.”

A Word

From Our Chairman

“Knowledge is not merely adding to one’s information; it helps to extract hidden truths, consequently driving a person to the path of practical application.

Success is underpinned by hard work, determination and conviction. These values play a pivotal role in the creation of a Shajar (tree) which provides shade, fruit, life and shelter to man kind. Our school aims to embody this ideal.

We aim to impart to our students that spirit of revolution and sense of passion, dearly lacking in our society today. “

– Dr Shahid Awais
Our School

Premium Islamic School

Islamic values along with responsible and nurturing environments are an important part for the learning and development of a child.

Islamic Heritage
Caring Environment
Developing Characters
Empowering Students

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We provide a caring and disciplined environment ensuring that your child grows into an exemplary individuals.
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